You can book the club on, or call: 00421903643685, or fill in this form

Membership Card

Acustico music club (12 months)

Listening to music and watching films in the 4K resolution Multimedia Centre- Entry with a membership card or individual entry. You can attend our club for free if you have a membership; guests must pay 18 EUR. The price includes water, coffee, and tea. There are 20 seats available at Acustico music club. It is ideal for business dinners, lunches, and workshops. The parking lot and the Internet are available to you. 

500 €

Individual entry

18 €

The Club Plus terrace is available for private rentals ( e.g. 5 hours from 6:00-11:00). 

Food and beverages are not included in the price. Microphones, a data projector, and sound equipment can all be reserved with prior individual consent. 

85 €

You have the possibility to rent sound devices, microphones, data projector etc upon individual agreement with the manager of Acustioco Music Club.