Instructions upon arrival and departure


  • Arrival and check-in to the apartment is possible from 2:00 pm. In case of urgent need, we will accommodate you.
  • Upon arrival, please park at the reception (tel. +421 903 643 685). Access cards with access to the main parking lot and apartment spaces will be issued to you. 


  • Please plan your departure and check-out by 10:00 am. If circumstances allow, we can move this time slightly.
  • If something breaks, is damaged, destroyed or stops working, please inform the contact person or the person who handled your reservation. We will arrange for repair before the arrival of a new client.
  • Please make sure all windows are properly closed.
  • Please place separated waste in the containers in the shed near Villa Kollár.
  • Lock the apartment, return the access card to the contact person at the reception, and please report any defects you discovered during your stay. Thank you and we wish you a pleasant stay.
  • We would be grateful for all your suggestions, which you can send to us at, and even more for your reviews here.