Relax and entertainment mode

The Aqua City Poprad, a location brimming with relaxation, entertainment, and serenity, is just 12 kilometres from the Villa. We will provide you with discounted admission to this aquatic wonderland. More than 350 water attractions, including 14 thermal indoor and outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 28 to 38 degrees Celsius, are available at the water park. More than 20 minerals are present in the hot water utilized in pools, which may be found up to 1,300 meters beneath the surface and are beneficial to the human body.

Hotel Lomnica has a stylish wellness center. We provide our visitors with discounted tickets.

An outdoor and indoor hot tub, a swimming pool with counter-current, a cold plunge pool, saunas, and tepidaria are available at this comfortable, contemporary getaway. 

Want to travel to areas that the average hiker wouldn't know about? You will love taking a guided tour to some amazing peaks and valleys. We'll plan the vacation of your dreams.

Acustico Music Club

Why not unwind in our club, which features a private theater with top-notch audio and a 4K Multimedia Center.