House Manual

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable during your stay. Therefore, it is important for you to be informed in advance about the operation of our apartment.

Stay at Villa Kollar 

  • All apartments are strictly non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the apartment, including balcony or terrace areas. The guest has an obligation to inform the host about any damage or odor discovered upon arrival in the apartment. 

  • Night-time quiet hours apply daily between 22:00-06:00. Apartments are limited to personal, legal, and reasonable use. 

  • Unregistered guests are not allowed to stay in the apartments. 

  • Pets are not allowed unless communicated with management otherwise, and the guest has received written confirmation of agreement. 

Guest eviction right 

Villa Kollar reserves the right to terminate a guest's stay without any claim for refund in the event of a violation of company rules or if the company has received a serious complaint about the guest's behavior. Villa Kollar also reserves the right to refuse accommodation to a guest who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs upon arrival or whose behavior endangers or offends the surroundings.

Check-out rules 

  • Wash used dishes and (if installed) leave the dishwasher empty. 

  • Leave the fridge and freezer empty. 

  • Separate used towels from clean ones. 

  • Please close the windows, turn off the lights, and make sure that all appliances have been turned off. 

  • Place separated waste in the containers in the pile next to Villa Kollar. 

A fee of 20 EUR may be charged for extra cleaning services in case of violation of check-out rules.

Cancellation and modification of reservation 

  • If the reservation includes flexible cancellation terms and is cancelled more than 24 hours before the check-in date, no cancellation fee will be charged. If such a reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours before check-in or in case of a no-show, the cancellation fee is 100% of the price of the first night. 

  • Non-refundable reservations do not allow for refunds after cancellation. However, when booking through our website, we provide guests with a free option to change their reservation dates even under non-refundable conditions.

Equipment and services included in the accommodation price 

  • All apartments are fully furnished and equipped with necessary electrical appliances and kitchenware. Some items, such as a toaster, fan, mobile air conditioning, baby cot, or feeding chair, are subject to availability. Therefore, it is necessary to request these items in advance. 

  • Only basic toiletries are provided free of charge to guests for their stay. 

  • No items may be removed or discarded from the apartment. 

  • The accommodation price includes bed linen, towels, TV and internet services.

Lost property by guests 

The management is not responsible for any items left behind by guests in the apartment. However, in case of finding lost property, it will be stored for 3 months and can be returned upon request by the guest. Any shipping costs will be charged to the guest.